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One of several missions I accepted from Arthritis Foundation: modify a Facebook Ads campaign, make sure it outperforms previous months, and provide proof in the data. By reporting date, the campaign was on track to achieving that goal. Bonus: I created a cool pivot chart to visualize my success and aligned graphics with brand standards.

Report (PDF)

Data Science for U.S. General Election Outcomes

Final project for Data Science Immersive program at General Assembly. Python, Pandas, and scikit-learn were applied extensively to assemble, munge and compute statistical data into meaningful linear regression test scores and cross-validation.

Presentation (PDF)

GitHub Notebook




2016 Election Impact on Cherokee County Voter Registration

Final project for Data Analytics course at General Assembly. Advanced Excel, SQL and Tableau were applied extensively to yield results, charts and graphs.

Presentation (PDF)

One of my favorite phrases I have been saying over the last few years is "I believe in probabilities, not absolutes."

This phrase is a beacon as I enhance my professional skill set. I have earned certifications in data science and analytics (see Education). I am also an active member of the metropolitan Atlanta data science professional community. Look for me at many local data-oriented meetups. I’ll probably be there.

The learning never ends.

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