Marketing. Data. Communications. Music Nerd.

Frank Schieber

Frank Schieber: Data Science Professional. Marketing Veteran. Master Communicator. Music Addict.

Available for both coffee and employment.


Hi, I’m Frank.

Both data and marketing will give your organization a competitive advantage. 


I serve as Senior Demand Generation Manager for PGi, a unified communications provider.

  • Who do I serve? Innovative, tech-savvy brands and select non-profits. Usually B2B technology businesses though there is the occasional exception.

  • How do I serve? Lately, marketing campaign management and analytics. I enjoy other campaigns as well. My agility and versatility are strengths.

  • Roles I best serve?

    • Marketing Director

    • Senior Marketing Manager

    • Senior Marketing Campaign Manager

    • Data Analytics Translator (thanks, McKinsey!)

    • Marketing Data Analyst

    • Junior Data Scientist, Marketing

  • Common thread? Delivering data and analytics with strategy and communications, or vice versa.

Take a look at some of the data projects and marketing projects I produced for a sampling of my skill set.

Professional references from every step on my career path confirm my qualifications. Which is a fortune and an honor. Both my professional reference list and resume are available upon request.

Employing me will give your organization a greater competitive advantage.

Data and marketing isn't all I enjoy.

As a writer and communicator, I get my occasional kicks writing essays and poetry and serve as a board member and occasional moderator of Carnegie Writers Group and its Atlanta chapter. I am also on the board of directors for Atlanta Council on International Relations where my focus is driving membership through social media and public relations activities. Lastly, as someone who listens to a lot of music, I am also an administrator of a Facebook social group dedicated to the topic.

Contact me.

Frank Schieber    1.678.773.4069