Marketing. Data. Communications. Music Nerd.

Frank Schieber

Frank Schieber: Data Science Professional. Marketing Veteran. Master Communicator. Music Addict.

Available for both coffee and employment.


Frank Schieber

I produce really cool data and marketing communications projects for really cool employers and clients.

Hi. I’m Frank.
— Frank Schieber

Both data science and marketing will give your organization a competitive advantage. 


I am available for full-time employment and also accept contract opportunities:

  • Who do I serve? Innovative, tech-savvy brands. Usually businesses in information technology though there is the occasional exception.

  • How do I serve? Producing data science, marketing, or the most useful combination of the two.

  • Organizational title? Data Scientist, Data Analytics Translator, Marketing Director, Senior Marketing Manager, or similar role.

  • Common thread? Delivering data and analytics with strategy and communications, or vice versa.

Take a look at some of the data projects and marketing projects I produced for a sampling of my skill set.

Professional references from every step on my career path confirm my qualifications. Which is a fortune and an honor. Both my professional reference list and resume are available upon request.

Employing me will give your organization a greater competitive advantage.

Data and marketing isn't all I enjoy. I am a big music lover - plenty of CD and Spotify listening and concert attending - and also a Facebook social group administrator centered around music discussion. Reading, watching movies, grilling, exploring the metropolitan Atlanta restaurant scene, and traveling when able are also elements of my lifestyle. A lot like a normal human being.

Contact me.

Frank Schieber    1.678.773.4069